Missing Office Templates

Users of Microsoft Office that have upgraded to the 2013 version panic when when they click on File==>New and no longer see their customized templates. All they see is a dialog box recommending that they search online for templates.


Assuming that you did not actually delete the template files, the templates still exist – Office just needs to be told where the template files are stored.

From one of the Office programs (Word for example) choose File==>Options and then click on Save from the left-hand navigation bar. This will display the following:


The important setting is the Default personal templates location box. As you can see above, this box is blank. You have to enter the path to your customized templates as shown below. (If you are not sure where your templates are stored, do a search for *.dotx [Word] or *.xltx [Excel].) Click OK to exit the Options dialog box.


The next time that you click on File==>New you should see two choices (as shown below) Featured and Personal. Clicking on Personal should display all of your customized templates. (You may have to exit and re-start the particular Office program.)


Note that you have to perform these steps in each Office program for which you have created customized templates.


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