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When reviewing a Microsoft Word document with many pages you may find yourself constantly scrolling up/down or using the Page Up/Page Down keys. To aid in navigating large documents Microsoft added the Navigation Pane starting with Word 2010.

The Navigation Pane is only available when a document contains Heading styles. At a minimum a document must utilize the Heading 1 style. The Navigation Pane will also recognize and use the higher heading styles (2,3,…).

To use the Navigation Pane you must ‘turn it on’ by checking the Navigation Pane check box in the Show section of the View tab on the ribbon.


The Navigation Pane appears on the left side of your screen. The following screen capture shows the Navigation Pane with the Heading view. You can immediately move the cursor to a location in a document by clicking on a heading name in the Navigation Pane.


Right mouse-clicking on a heading displays a short-cut menu.


This menu allows you to promote/demote headings to a different level, insert headings and sub-headings, print the selected heading and its content and other tasks.

You can put the Navigation Pane into Thumbnail view by clicking on the middle tab in the Navigation Pane. This displays small images of each page of the document. To move to a particular page click on its thumbnail image.


This is similar to the Pages Navigation Panel in Acrobat Reader.

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